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The amazing thing to me is that we are not all God. What can be not of God? If God exists, how can there be room for anything else?
Q. What makes me think I have consciousness or that I am conscious? A. The existence voice that I hear in my head tells me that I am conscious.

Q. What is consciousness? A. Consciousness is being a freestanding mental unit which makes decisions based on inclusive environmental inputs and makes judgments which are in its own survival interests.

I seem to be autonomous: the range of possible actions in this moment and throughout my life seem to be nearly infinite. Yet, I perform only one (or less) of these in each moment. What makes me think that all those possibilities come from my own free standing mind, uninfluenced by any outside sources?

I have a body, and I can move it at will. I can do what ever I want. Isn't this proof of my consciousness?

Isn't this very inquiry, as I sit at my computer and write down the thoughts I had as I lay in bed this morning, proof that I am thinking, independent, and conscious?

What if I am deluded? What if I am not conscious? Buddha, Gurdjief and many more say most men (people) are not conscious, only a very select few are. I have always included myself in the few. No longer. I don't know what I am.

First written Sun, Nov 29, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999