Thinker : Dreams : Flood on Golden Gate
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Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, I see that the ocean has risen to cover the sidewalks. The waves are huge. (Yesterday was the year's highest tide by the way.)

I cross the bridge and look underneath it. There seems to be some frost on the ground. All the supports are shaky and I'm scared to be down there.

I go to the police station. There is a cop who is drawing on the picture of a child. I suspect he is abusing children. I go to the back room, I seem to be invisible, and begin rummaging through old pictures for evidence that the cop has been abusing children. I worry that if caught, someone will think that I am a child abuser and that I am looking for victims. Before I find anything concrete, someone comes in the room with more pictures.

They are slides of a wedding similar to Matt and Rebecca's in San Diego. There are people jumping in the pool. Two beautiful women are topless.
First written Mon, Jan 12, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999