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Rick and I are putting a map of Maui together. We can't remember where the volcano goes (It's near the southwestern edge on the flatlands.)

We are on a beach and see a hot surfer girl. Rick is getting into his wet suit to join her. He has some kind of pearl waist band and fluffy cotton suit. I leer and he puts on something normal.

I am walking a wooded street after a rain—a melancholy, bitter sweet day. I go home, Mom and David are there. Mom treats me like I'm sick, which I'm not so sure of. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

A large kitchen, I am working. We do the clean up. I handle a lot of small pieces of metal. They are put away in boxes full of blue rocks. Beautiful cobalt and azure. Large pieces. Someone is brazing something.

I find Merideth in a large communal house (she was a Scientologist in real life). We sit on a couch slung from the ceiling. She tells me that I have promised to take her if she is divorced. Now she's divorced. We kiss.

The moon appears suddenly. A trap door seems to open out of it. Then it is a blimp. Then it is a spaceship, alien and evil. Here to hurt us.

The ship spawns a ground-based vehicle. It is green and looks like bark. A man (me?) jumps on. The tank goes through a short process and spawns two more of itself. The man has a gun, and takes aim. I don't think he fired.

In a large house on the sea cliffs, Victorian, wooden floors with antique furniture. Merideth and I are on the couch by the window kissing. I straddle her facing the window. I see a beautiful wave and turn her to see it. The wave comes crashing all the way up to our window and spills in around the cracks. The rugs are soaked. She closes a lightweight door that was opened to the sea to try to prevent more soakings.

I see a bottle of 68 year old whiskey. The bottle is so aged that I say that it must be 100 years old. I realize that I have used this whiskey in a concoction now cooking/brewing and that surprises me. I taste some. It's smoother than any whiskey.

First written Wed, Jan 14, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999