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I'm walking up a steep hill like California Street going up to the on Nob Hill. Steep, but not too steep. People are looking at me. I walk a little prouder. Gravity is pulling me down so that I am almost horizontal with the ground as I go up the hill. I realize that if I turn around, the situation will be opposite. I turn and immediately am flying with the greatest of ease. I don't need to flap my arms. I don't even need to go head first. I can go sideways if I want, or upside down. It doesn't matter.

I'm travelling a dirt road towards my . I wonder "Why is the road to my parents house a rutted and rocky dirt road? They live in a huge and beautiful house." I decide that the dirt road conceals the treasures at the end of the road so that casual seekers or robbers won't think to look there.

First written Sat, Aug 23, 1997
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999