Thinker : Dreams : Unwilling Pilot
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There is a small jet airplane floating in the water. I hesitate to get in but then I do. It fits me like a foam-filled ski boot molded to my body. I try to get out, saying to myself that this plane doesn't belong to me. A voice on the radio says to fly it. I engage the thrust. I'm tearing almost out of control towards the hangar doors. I accidentally hit a button and fire a bomb which explodes the door as I pass through it.

I fly like this, without knowing how to control it, but doing it very well for a while. "interpret" I am an unwilling participant in my own evolution. My dreams show me unwilling to loose the old ways or try the new: a note book that describes how to live this life, unwillingly lost; an airplane of super-duper powers I was unwilling to get into.

First written Mon, Oct 20, 1997
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999