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Every car on the road shall be equipped with a small computer and sensor that determines how far away the car in front of it is. Each car communicates its position to the cars behind it. Thus all cars on the road are aware of the density of the traffic in front of them. Each car adjusts its speed so as to reduce the need for braking as much as possible. For example, when a traffic slow down is detected ahead, your car will slow down so that (if it is a brief jam) the cars will have started moving again before you get there.

Smooth flow of acceleration and deceleration will be the priority.

Thus traffic jams will be reduced or eliminated.

Rules: No car will be allowed to pass another car when the average speed of traffic is reduced below the speed limit.
Drivers will steer.

This system is simply advanced cruise control.

First written Mon, Oct 27, 1997
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999