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Reporters for the media should take an active role in the news: create the news, guide the story. If Hillary Clinton says that Kenneth Starr is the puppet of a radical right wing conspiracy, the media types should ask, "Why might Hillary be saying such things?" Ask her for evidence of conspiracy. Don't just report it and feed it to the bovine American public.
It doesn't matter what is going on in the world. What matters is Who Am I? on a very fundamental level.

Who am I? Not what do I do nor what do I own. I need to know Who Am I? What is a human? What is real? What is a mind?

What is real is perhaps just the thought forms of life. We are energy. Stop pretending we're part of a 3-D virtual world, step out of the monitor for a moment and see life as part of the game. Step out and see. See the monitor, see the game board. See the props and the screen set. See the costumes.

What is mind? If reality is not matter but rather something like the interaction of thought-forms, is all of life just messages? Do the messages have meaning always? What is the message of a virus to the cell?

The News doesn't help me find my place in the world or to understand the world. All I can give the world will come from my enlightenment.
It's too bad that the world of men allows so much duplicity: when someone cries "Foul!", he may be calling attention to the foul acts of some other person; yet again, he may only be playing chess.

We tend to ignore the cry when it comes from small people (Mexican farmers claiming police abductions). When it comes from big people (Hillary), we accept it without evaluation.
First written Tue, Feb 10, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999