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Maybe the question "What is the purpose of life?" is better left unasked. What is the purpose of a bird flying or singing? What is the purpose of grass growing?

They are what they are. Their activities fit into the flow all around them. The only things that have purpose are those made by man. Man makes things, does things with a purpose.

The nest of a bird has a purpose to raise young. To raise young is one of the highest purposes of life. To Live is another and second only to "rasing he young".

The only people that ask "What is the purpose of life?" are those that are unsure of their place in life. Each person, plant being and parasite must rightly have a place in the world. A human mind depends on the minds of others to learn the ways of society and the social environment.

The cure of the question lies in discovering and remedying how it was that the questioner came to believe that he has no rightful place in the world.

Who told you that you suck? that you shouldn't have your feelings, that you don't deserve . . . The purpose of life is to be who you are, and together to be what we are.

Is it a new age myth that I am something in particular, intrinsically me? I am different things in differnt situations. "Who are you?" relates to you and me acting and thinking authentically. As I make love to this woman, do I feel love? or do I feel something else, perhaps anger? To be who I am, I must not let my fundamental self hide from my awareness. Who Am I? must be answered constantly and with all the depth of honesty available to us. Will we always be able to answer that we "are a happy person"? Do you fear being unhappy? Your fears will keep you from yourself.

Does you heart tell you that you'd rather stay home to play with your daughter than go to work? Who says you must work all you life while life moves on without you? Why must you pursue emptiness? I know you have bills, but there must be a better way. Perhaps if you follow your heart, more fulfilling work will present itself.

Surely if many people followed their hearts, there would be far fewer people creating environmental disaster and deadly weapons.

First written Wed, Feb 25, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999