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Imagine Soul, my soul, to be following a thread of development. The whole thread is already laid out, the path is complete. In time, Soul is at a particular point on the path. Then there is Me. Me is my body, my emotions (sometimes called the emotional body) and my mind (mental body). Me is connected to Soul by an elastic bond. Like two weights on ends of a dumbbell, Soul is at one end, Me on the other. Me is an entity that becomes and then un-becomes. Soul is unchanging, except that it follows its path (obviously I need to develop this point some more). Me may be near or quite far from Soul. Soul carries on oblivious to the state of Me but always wanting Me to join Soul.

The farther Me is from Soul, the less Me contributes to the development of Soul. Me is a temporal phenomenon and will die. It can live entirely apart from Soul. It can ignore Soul. It can strive and be happy and play and make love, and cry. But without tight integration with Soul, it will die and disappear and end.

The term "Death of the Ego" refers to Me coming into tight contact with soul, which never leaves the path. If Me closes distance with Soul, Me participates in Soul. Me has a taste of the eternal. Soul will benefit from the work Me does in its expression of Soul in the world.

First written Sat, Aug 23, 1997
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999