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Two days ago I walked into the laundromat to pick up my laundry. A homeless man immediately began telling me that "If you've got good magic, people want to steal it." He must be Jamaican: big open grin, an accent and afro hair in wiry spindles. We talked about people invading his sleep, and Russians with evil intentions and magic. He told me that a priest told him to wear a metal skull cap to keep the energy from leaking out his head. I told him that was bullshit. The energy comes up from the earth, into your body and out the top naturally. You body is a transformer and raises the energy while purifying it. Then you feed the purified energy back to the earth out your head. The earth then feeds it back to man in a continual cycle. He said his name was like "Elysium"—perhaps Elise or Elisia. He lives at the Star of the Sea.

Today I went to the Richmond Branch library to get some books by Kahlil Gibran (author of "The Prophet"). Picking out the second book from the racks, a woman sitting near me said, "Don't start chanting on me." I said, "OK, I'll be quick." She was tightly wrapped like a homeless person. I'm sure that I was not humming or chanting out loud. Then she mumbled something about the children don't need your books and then something about letting America die. I felt she was telling me that my kind of spirit was unwelcome in her world.

The third book was almost directly behind her and I zeroed in on the book and got out. I noticed my nose running when I got away from her. (It is raining hard today and I had already walked some in the rain.) I take the nose running as indication that she scared me. As I left the building, I looked at her face and saw that it was pretty. I gave her a blessing despite what she wanted and laughed to myself.

I left the library a little freaked out and trying to come to terms with having been scared. Across the street, who is there?! Elisea! We talk for a while. He tells me that the woman had lots of snake energy and that some of it clung to me. I asked him how he would have handled the woman. He says that he would have "Looked her right in the eye and said 'Have a good day ma'am.'"

He told me to go home and take a quick, cold shower (which I just did). He also said that I should start dressing more colorfully and in my sleep, I should make my energy more colorful. He did what he calls "magic": told me that I had a problem with my feet, I owned slippers, someone needs to talk to me today, and that he saw me in a past life with a vale like a nun. He also said that I would receive money from an evil man and thus good would come from bad. He remembered my name from two days before. He left to go look at her in the library.

The whole situation—the woman seeing a good spirit in me and scaring me away and then seeing Elisea—makes me giggle.

First written Wed, Jan 14, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999