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This site presents my musings, dreams and ponderings on being here and now. Since I haven't produced anything like a book, or a coherent and logical presentation of any one idea, I want to create a living document that encourages the reader to find their own meaning and value in it.

The first effort at empowering the reader uses keywords in each page to link to other pages. The site is produced in Frontier which is a database and scripting tool focused on creating websites.

Frontier keeps track of all of the keywords in the site using custom made scripts. One script culls all of the keywords, counts the pages that use each, and puts them in a menu for me. The frequency of each word in the site lets me know how many pages are linked by each keyword. This helps me keep a nice balance among the pages.

First written Thu, Nov 5, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999