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Thu, Apr 29, 1999
Trenchcoat Mafia—Everyone Matters

Wed, Apr 14, 1999
Camouflage Gadget

Fri, Apr 2, 1999
Dirty Young Man

Wed, Mar 31, 1999
Cattle People and Madonnas

Sun, Mar 14, 1999
They're In the House—Strangers are using my house

Sat, Feb 20, 1999
Pray to Friends—Pray to your friends as if they have gifts of sprit for you.

Thu, Jan 28, 1999
Vulture People

Thu, Jan 14, 1999
Sitting On A Corner—Playing with the ambient reality one day made me wonder about the general milieu of the Present.

Wed, Jan 6, 1999
Deleted the Wrong One—Deleting the man was supposed to delete the higher self.

Tue, Dec 22, 1998
Questioning Intuition—Is it intuition or just random bubblings of extraneous impulse?

Mon, Dec 21, 1998
Honorary Receipt—I tell him how I was going to apologize to him for pushing him away but realized that he doesn't care and so have never bothered to tell him before this. But now, I am telling him and what was to be a reasoned discussion of my past feelings quickly deteriorates to the rageful accusations against him that 'he doesn't care about me'

Fri, Dec 11, 1998
Sacrifice—The sacrifice is (almost) over.

Wed, Dec 9, 1998
Waves—How lucky I am to avoid the big waves.

Wed, Dec 2, 1998
Attachment—I will die and as I do so, I may cling to the need to do something

Sun, Nov 29, 1998
The Amazing Thing—What if I am deluded? What if I am not conscious?

Thu, Nov 26, 1998
The Ground of Being—I am the expression of the universal as it is manifest in this particular environment which I call Me.

Tue, Nov 24, 1998
Enlightened Self-Interest—In the global economy, enlightened self-interest doesn't work. Structures must be redefined so that multinationals' most urgent priority is contributing to the common good of earth and its life systems.
New Moral Code—The loss of community values empties our communal soul.

Wed, Nov 18, 1998
Crow Consciousness—Each living thing is fully aware and conscious in its own universe.
Strong Armed Grandmother—She gave me a bear hug almost as if she were restraining me.

Tue, Nov 17, 1998
Crystal Orb—I dreamed of a glob of clear gelatin in my two hands. I molded it into a large cut diamond. then I molded it further into a crystal orb.

Tue, Nov 10, 1998
Dolphins Answer: Purpose of Life—Sitting on my surf board I began to wonder, what purpose do I have in the world? what do I have to give?

Thu, Nov 5, 1998
About This Site—This site presents musings and ponderings linked using keywords to create a synergy among disconnected ideas.

Mon, Nov 2, 1998
Life's Work is the Living of It—Wouldn't life be great if the work I did was 'living my life'?

Sat, Oct 10, 1998
Look Ahead—Creativity is a messy process

Fri, Jun 12, 1998
The Mentality of Good Science

Wed, Jun 10, 1998
Sing Some Song—i asked god to teach me a song.

Sun, Jun 7, 1998
God is Me—God is the Me that is fully aware and fully alive.

Sat, Apr 18, 1998
Sacred Icon—Let's make up a new icon which means 'This place is marked as sacred.'

Fri, Apr 17, 1998
Ritual—Ritual keeps the connection alive when life doesn't make room for it.

Mon, Apr 13, 1998
Abundance—The impulse to cheat and extort our living from others fades from memory.

Sun, Apr 12, 1998
Blessing Place—See something, someone some place without the usual haze of inattention and personal thoughts. See it and bring it more to life.
Karma—Karma is the law that states our Oneness. What I do to you, I do to me. It is unavoidable.
Objections to New Science—What's wrong with New Science

Sat, Apr 11, 1998
Dreams—A collection of my vivid dreams since August 1997.

Sun, Apr 5, 1998
The Economy of Abundance—Wealth comes from man. We will always have an abundance of wealth. Recognize wealth as the essence of man's living.
The New Science of Subjectivity—In science as in life, you get what you ask for.

Wed, Apr 1, 1998
Heather was Lost—I dreamed I was back with an old girlfriend. For me, she was freedom and earth consciousness.

Mon, Mar 30, 1998
Let Go—Loosen the grip; let yourself be lost. You must learn yourself.
Sense the Vibe—We were once vibrant beings. We sensed the life in plants, in each other. We understood the different energy currents in our bodies and among ourselves.

Thu, Mar 26, 1998
Dark Lake Broken Redwood—A dark lake made by man over flowing its banks, surrounded by broken redwoods.

Tue, Mar 17, 1998
Little Musings—A collection of small thoughts

Mon, Mar 16, 1998
This is Heaven—We are made by unknown forces and exactly as we are meant to be.

Tue, Mar 10, 1998
Jesus Lost Treasure—I dreamed I saw the treasures of Jesus locked in a museum case

Wed, Mar 4, 1998
the unhappy world—We have created a world of our making and treat it like the whole cosmos.

Tue, Mar 3, 1998
What is the Hill Doing?—Musing about intention, mind and meaning

Mon, Mar 2, 1998
Declare the Whole Road Unsafe

Fri, Feb 27, 1998
Old Baggage—Bags left there from a long time ago.
Pastor in a Blue Dress
Why Drink?—Pretend you were high all the time and that whenever you drank alcohol, it would kill your buzz.

Wed, Feb 25, 1998
Enlightenment Is—What is it?
Purpose of Life—What is the purpose of a bird flying or singing?

Tue, Feb 24, 1998
Black Crows

Mon, Feb 23, 1998
Let Me Live in Reverence—I wish to live my every moment in reverence of the being of existence.

Sat, Feb 21, 1998
Power Plant

Mon, Feb 16, 1998
Red Saab Helicopter—Trying to get airborne with a woman. I drop her and fly.

Sun, Feb 15, 1998
Octagonal Forts—Three dreams of Power

Thu, Feb 12, 1998
Your Fault—It was my mother that did it to me.

Wed, Feb 11, 1998
Consciousness—What I really want to know is where is the real me?
Home—Who and What am I? How can I see behind the mundane and everyday aspects of my life into the meaning and purpose of it? How much of what I know and live is based on society and how much on my essential nature?
Protest McDonald's Parking Lot—A short dream, short on meaning

Tue, Feb 10, 1998
Gandhi and Christianity—I just read a paper I wrote from my freshman year at college called -Gandhi and Christianity-.
What Good is the News—Rants inspired from the newspaper today

Fri, Feb 6, 1998
Universal Filaments—Three feet behind my shoulders is a point formed of filaments of universal energy which imparts to me a fraction of the entire universe.

Wed, Jan 28, 1998
Chinese in the Pulpit—A Chinese woman giving the sermon in the wrong language.

Sun, Jan 18, 1998
Advertising—Advertising carries no intrinsic value. The ratio of advertising to content is growing. We all suffer.

Fri, Jan 16, 1998
Goddess in the Whirlpool—Swimming in a whirlpool with Marian.

Thu, Jan 15, 1998
Know Me—I want my operating system to know me.

Wed, Jan 14, 1998
Digital Koans—Ideas for digital koans. Digital koans are animations that impart a rule of spirit.
Elisea—Spirit people on the streets
Flooded House
Ideal Society—Capitalism is meant to mimic biological diversity.
Nature in the Midst of Man—Do animals recognize man's world as unnatural?

Mon, Jan 12, 1998
Aum—Auming well recreates a chant in my head.
Flood on Golden Gate

Sun, Jan 11, 1998

Tue, Jan 6, 1998
Microsoft Memo—A letter I wish I had written describing Microsoft's plans to control network communication

Sat, Jan 3, 1998
MultiMedia Fails—Multimedia fails since it is isolated and boxed information.
Reality is Fluid—Reality isn't locked in

Fri, Dec 19, 1997
Fix the OS—My operating system should be what *I* want it to be.

Sat, Dec 13, 1997
In the Water

Mon, Dec 8, 1997

Sat, Dec 6, 1997
Space Expands When I Fly—When I fly, space expands: like Alice in Wonderland, I become smaller or the world becomes larger.

Fri, Dec 5, 1997
Electric Spine

Wed, Nov 12, 1997
Energy Filaments—Today I learn that three feet behind my shoulder blades is a point formed of filaments of universal energy.

Tue, Nov 11, 1997
On Nothing

Sat, Nov 1, 1997
Fairy Land
Language Of No Mind

Mon, Oct 27, 1997
Improving Traffic Flow

Tue, Oct 21, 1997
Earth Management
Living on the Land—I don't live on the land, I don't eat off of it, I don't pray to it.

Mon, Oct 20, 1997
Unwilling Pilot

Wed, Oct 15, 1997
Tibet Harps, Homeless Food

Sun, Oct 12, 1997
Whale Guts—There was a whale we were feasting on.
Who Am I?—The question must be asked in perspective and context of living.

Fri, Oct 10, 1997
Ballerina and Green Pigs
Deja View—I know the future for as long as the deja vu lasts

Thu, Oct 2, 1997
A Battle—The work buzz puts a squelch on the meditation.

Mon, Sep 22, 1997
Whale-Man—I can breath under water.

Wed, Sep 10, 1997
Ode to an Old Flame

Thu, Sep 4, 1997
Enlightenment—Make sense of who I am, who you are.
Mr. Alcohol

Tue, Sep 2, 1997
Mountain Peak

Sat, Aug 23, 1997
A Good Path

Tue, Aug 19, 1997
Spinning Underwater

Wed, Aug 13, 1997
Mark's Book
Opposites Attract

Thu, Aug 7, 1997
Taxing Security
Terror in my Midst—Overwhelmed and under defended.
Traffic—Traffic lights should be timed to prevent people from running reds.

Wed, Aug 6, 1997
Beer in the Panhandle

Tue, Aug 5, 1997
Look What You Did

Mon, Aug 4, 1997
Holey Moley

Sat, Aug 2, 1997
Dead Long Ago—My mother is dead!

Tue, Jul 22, 1997
True Story

Mon, Jun 30, 1997
I'm Never Old Enough

Fri, Jun 6, 1997
Time Change Time Lords

Sun, Jun 1, 1997
Yin Grey Yang—Why did the wise Chinese choose absolutes for this powerful icon?

Thu, May 15, 1997
Pain is Like Water

Mon, May 12, 1997
Random Presentations—If I built an non-linear and interactive presentation, would you follow the links in a serendipitous way for your own understanding?

Sun, May 11, 1997
Our Genes Not Right

Thu, May 1, 1997
Floating In Air

First written Fri, Oct 10, 1997
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999