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Here you will find my thoughts, dreams and musings which I have been able to capture in words. I don't always understand or agree with them once they've been written, so they stand on their own. I won't try to defend them or justify them or even change them.

Since they are accumulated over time, they don't have literary coherence. Instead, I have used keywords to link the pages with cross-linked keywords.

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The thoughts, and pages, that most interest me and capture my attention focus around questions like "Who and What am I?", "How can I see behind the mundane and everyday aspects of my life into the meaning and purpose of it?", and "How much of what I know and live is based on society and how much on my essential nature?"

Several threads have developed here on their own. In order to develop some kind of useful coherence, I've linked most of the pages with one or more Keywords. I have tried to manage the keywords to achieve a balance of a few relevant links off of each page. (See more about the management and development of the site.)

You can browse the site by keywords, sequentially by date. The standard navigation bar along the side has been dispensed with to encourage users to flow the flow and to enhance the experience of doing so.

First written Wed, Feb 11, 1998
Last published Wed, Jun 2, 1999